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Chongqing University of Medical Sciences (CQUMS), the former Chongqing Medical University, was founded in 1956. It was originally a branch of the Shanghai First Medical College. After 50 years of development, CQUMS has become a respected Key Medical University offering "Bachelor, Master, Doctor and Post-doctoral Degrees" to talented students.

The main campus of CQUMS occupies an area of 580,000 square meters. BUildings occupy an area of 780,000 square meters. The total assets of this university including teaching, scientific research and medical treatment amount to $79,566,416USD. This includes a library with more than 800,000 books. At the end of 2003, the university acquired, in "The City of Universities" of Chongqing, an area of 1,533,410 square meters (2,300 mu) to be used as the "Jingyun Second Campus". Construction of the second campus has already been started.

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JILIN UNIVERSITY Present Norman Bethune College of Medicine of Jilin University was founded as the former Norman Bethune University of Medical Science by Marshal Nie Rongzhen in September 1939 in Tang county of Hebei Province in the Jinchaji Anti-Japanese Resistance Base. The College of Medicine is named after the outstanding Canadian Thoracic Surgeon, Dr. Norman Bethune because of his selfless devotion to the establishment and running of the institution. Since more than half a century, the institution has trained over fourty thousand medical professionals and contributed a lot in the development of medical science, medical education and public health. In other words the college has been continuously involved in the development of medical field of China as a whole. After the merger with Jilin University, much emphasis has be en laid on the development of medical education.


Located in the beautiful port city Ningbo, Ningbo University is a dynamic, young and comprehensive university with a wide range of disciplines: economics, law, education, liberal arts, history, science, engineering, agronomy, medicine and management. Established in 1986, with the first donation from Sir Yue-Kong Pao, it has been developed into one of the key institution of higher learning of Zhejiang Province. The university has five campuses, covering an area over 3000 acres, with a floor space totaling 790,000 square meters. The main campus, adjacent to Feng Hua Road in the north and Yongjiang River in the south, offers wide space for study and research with magnificent buildings and pleasant lawns and greenery. The university supplies a complete set of facilities and services for teaching, and research. Its libraries now have a CNKI Network Administration Service Center, and a collection of approximately 3,310,000 books. It has 8 affiliated hospitals and 8 hospitals for internship.

NINGXIA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Yinchuan, Ningxia City(China)

Ningxia Medical University, with the previous name as Ningxia Medical College, was founded in the year of 1958. In 2008,with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was promoted to a comprehensive medical University. Being the unique higher learning medical institution in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Ningxia Medical University is located in Yinchuan, the capital city referred to as “A pearl in north of the Great Wall” in the Northwest. In its over 50 years development, the university has seen its tremendous progress and enforcement in specialty development, infrastructure, teaching staff, teaching and research level etc. Nowadays it has become a higher learning medical institution with coordinated development in its scale, construction, quality and efficiency, and is quite influential and popular among the same-leveled higher learning medical schools.


North Sichuan Medical College (NSMC) is a provincial undergraduate college of medicine in Sichuan province, located in the second largest higher education center of Sichuan province—— Nanchong, a famous city, the origin of the Three Kingdoms culture. Its two campuses occupy an area of over 1,300 mu. An active college with great achievements and national enrollment, it enrolls nearly 9,000 students in undergraduate , three-year programs and postgraduate. The college adheres to the guiding principles of student-centered teaching, quality-emphasis, and a high level of scholarship, and it has developed a motto, Commitment, Fraternity, Honesty, and Creativity. It has developed into an important provincial center of higher medical education, research, disease prevention, and rheumatism treatment since its establishment in 1951.


Capital Medical University (CMU) was founded in 1960. It ranks among the top academic medical institutions in China ,and is considered as one of the key municipal universities in Beijing. The founding President, Professor Wu Jieping, was a world-renowned urologist, member of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The current President is Professor Lu Zhaofeng.  President of CMU, Prof.Lu Zhaofeng CMU consists of 10 Schools, 14 affiliated hospitals and 1 teaching institution. The university and the affiliated hospitals have a staff of about 20,000. Among the staff, there are 6 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering, over 1,000 professors, and over 2,000 associate professors. The university has over 9,000 enrolled students. CMU provides a wide range of educational programs for Doctorates, Masters, Bachelors and certificates.  

XUZHOU MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Xuzhou, Jiangsu City(China)

Xuzhou Medical University, situated in Xuzhou, a historical and cultural city in Jiangsu Province(eastern part of China, with less than three hours by train to Beijing at the north and Shanghai at the south), is an institution of higher education under the direct administration of Jiangsu Provincial Government.

XZMU offers a full range of courses for 27 undergraduate programs involving 4 discipline categories, namely, Medical Science, Natural Science, Engineering and Management.The school has 2 first-level discipline doctoral programs of Clinical Medicine and Biology, a post doctoral research station, and 7 first-level discipline master’s programs involving Clinical Medicine, preclinical medicine, Biology, Pharmacology, public health and preventive medicine, biomedical engineering and medical technology, 5 professional master’s programs of clinical medicine and pharmacology,stomatology ,pulic health and nursing. The school is entitled to recommend fresh graduates to pursue for master’s degree by exempting them from the National Graduate Admission Test.


Beihua University is a province-owned comprehensive university whose scope is the most extensive one. Approved by the Ministry of Education, it was founded in 1999 by the combination of the original Jilin Teacher's college, Jilin Medical College, Jilin Forestry College and Jilin Electrification Academy. The university has 1 medical faculty, 31 teaching colleges (center), 18 academic researching institutes, 4 affiliated institutions, 5 teaching assistant departments. And currently, it offers 72 undergraduate programs, 56 master programs and 8 specialized master programs. There are 23905 students, including 21368 undergraduates, 1157 graduates, junior college students, and 510 international students from 60 countries. 350 international students are receiving degree programs education.

ULYANOVSK UNIVERSITY, Ulyanovsk City(Russia)

Founded by Lomonosov Moscow State University, Ulyanovsk State University (hereinafter referred to as USU) as a multi-disciplinary, anchor regional higher educational institution and strategic center of education, science, culture, health saving, information and high technologies of Ulyanovsk Region, combining the traditions of classical and engineering education with the newest trends of Russian and global educational systems’ development, education and research with innovative activities in the sphere of high technology, directing its potential and resources towards social and economic development of the region, ensures the development of moral, scientific, technological and cultural values of society through high-quality training of specialists in all spheres of vital activity determining prospects for further development of the main sectors of economy and social infrastructure of the region. USU is a vibrant community hub that draws intellectual and cultural elite together for progress and joint development of material, scientific, humanitarian and spiritual values. Being aware of its responsibility for high-quality education, achieving the formulated goals by quality management system implementation on the basis of international standards criteria, USU continuously improves all types of its activity with due regard to the requirements and expectations of all interested parties.

BASHIKR MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Ufa City,Bashkortostan(Russia)

Bashkir State Medical University is located in Ufa City. Bashkortostan, Russia, Founded in 1909, is a classical university of Russia. Bashkir state medical University is the center of medical and pharmaceutical science of Bashkottostan state of Russia, For 8 years this institution has been successfully training specialists for health care, scientific and pedagogical work in the sphere of professional medical and pharmaceutical education of the Russian Federation. The University faculty consists of famous scholars and medical practitioners who are involved in teaching, medical, scientific and innovative activity, BSMU possesses material and teachnical resoures, training facilities and a large library stock. BSMU famous for surgeons oncologists, cardiologists, morphologists, which serve as bases for scientific reserch instuties, became famous throughout the world. In the every academic year at BSMU there are 270 international students from 26 countries of the world including India, Egypt, China, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Vietnam, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Kazakhstan and other countries About Hostels & Food There arefive hostels that can accommodate 200 students. The hostels are centrally heated like (air-conditioned) and fully furnished Sudwnts are provided with full bedding Every hostel has internet facilitied provided by University


Altai State University is one of the leading Russian classical higher education institutions established in 1973. It is a major educational, research and cultural center located in the Asian part of the country, integrated into international academic community, training the intellectual elite and conducting high-impact research. ASU consists of 12 faculties; Institute for Additional Education; 4 scientific research institutes; more than 30 applied research laboratories and research centers, 15 of which are SB RAS joint laboratories; 14 scholar schools, 2 of which have been acknowledged to be the leading scholar schools of Russia; science museums network; library with the collection of more than 1 million units.


St Petersburg State I.P. Pavlov Medical University is one of the leading Medical Schools in Russia. It was founded 110 years ago in 1897 as first Russian Medical Institute for Women. More than 60 years our University was known all over the world as the First Leningrad I.P. Pavlov Medical Institute. The present name, St Petersburg State I.P. Pavlov Medical University, was given to our University in 1994 by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation. The University contributes considerably to development of Medical Sciences and Health Care Services in Russia and it is recognized in the World as a big center for training specialists in various medical areas. The University has a great scientific - teaching potential and has good relations with many Medical Schools and Institutions in different countries. Students being thought at St Petersburg State Medical University have a possibility to study on the modern level keeping the best traditions of old Russian Medical Schools. The University is a State Educational Organization, having a state license and state accreditation from Russian Federation Ministry of Health. It is a juridical person having property in operations control, banking accounts. The University may realize property and personal non-property rights on its behalf and conclude agreements with legal entities and persons. The University has a round stamp with imprint of Russian Federation emblem, its own headed paper and other University symbols.


The Stavropol State Medical Academy takes a leading place among the higher educational institutions of the Russia Federation. It has its own traditions and is proud of its graduates; among them are medical authorities, leading specialists, parliamentarians and high qualified teachers. The academic clinics and safe living conditions guarantee a high professional level of training of the medical specialists. The training in the Stavropol State Medical Academy which graduates work in 71 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America is doubtless prestigious. Stavropol is a city located in South Western Russia in the midst of the Caucasus Mountains. It is the administrative centre of Stavropol Krai (Province). It was founded in 1777 as a military encampment and designated a city in 1785. The name Stavropol is a Russian rendition of a Greek name 'Stauropolis' meaning 'The City of The Cross". According to legend, soldiers found a huge cross made out of stone when they were building the fortress in the future city location. By early 19th Century the city grew into a busy trade centre of the Northern Caucasus. In 1843, an Episcopal Church was established in Stavropol & in 1847, the city became the administrative centre of the Province. The first and only executive President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachov was born in Stavropol Krai and spent several years working in the city of Stavropol as head of the Krai's administration. There is an abundance of trees and flowers in the streets, parks and squares, making Stavropol one of the greenest cities in Russia. There are a number of historical monuments, museums and other tourist attractions including a mountain skiing resort nearby . For entertainment there are different sports facilities, concert halls, bars and restaurants. For the religiously inclined, the city has orthodox churches, mosques etc.


Rostov State Medical University is among the oldest academies of the country. It was established in the year 1930.Many eminent academicians and scientists have contributed over the years to the development and popularity of the university. We are proud of our traditions and teaching practices in educating students from Russia and many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. The Rostov State Medical University finds a place in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organisation. It is also recognised by the Medical Council of India and similar organisations in many countries. We welcome international students to study in the serene and green campus of the university. The Rostov State Medical University is situated in the centre of the city of Rostov­ on-Don in South-western Russia. Its history dates back to World War I, when, in the year 1915, the Warsaw University in Poland had to be evacuated far inland to the city of Rostov and amalgamated with the Don University. The medical faculty was one of the four faculties of the Warsaw University. The Rostov Municipal Hospital became the main base for the medical faculty. In the year 1920 the Rostov Female Medical Institute amalgamated with the medical faculty of the univer Ity. In the year 1930, the university was renamed as the Rostov State Medical University. By this time, there were over 1300 students and 200 professors in the university.


The Volgograd State Medical University is one of the most famous and highly reputable Higher Schools both in Russia and abroad. It is proud of its highly qualified teaching staff advanced researchers and experienced physicians whose names are world famous. Choosing this university means plentiful opportunities for gaining professional expertise and career pursuit. The university is accredited by the Russian Ministry for Education for the teaching of both Russian and overseas students. The university is also listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools recognised by the World Health Organisation. It means that our graduates can get a job at any country after passing national examinations of that country. The University was founded as the Stalingrad Medical Institute in 1935. In 1993, it got the status of an Academy and in 2003 was granted the status of a university.
All the courses combine intensive training in the theory of medicine with practical activities. Students from 113 countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe have passed through the portals of the university. Pre clinical courses are conducted in 4 main buildings of the university while clinical courses are provided in 15 multiprofile clinics with departments of surgery, cardiology, Traumatology, Opthalmology, obstetrics and gynaecology equipped with the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment facilities. The Regional Cardiology Centre is one of the best cardiological clinics in Russia. Students & Dr. Najeerul Ameen with Vice Chancellor Prof. A. A. Spasov & Dean Dr. D. N. Emiliyanov


Perpetual Help College of Manila (PHCM) The Perpetual Help College of Manila is the first among the many educational institutions established by the University of Perpetual Help System (UPHS) . The Perpetual Help System was founded by Dr. Jose de Guzman Tamayo and his wife, Dr. Josefina Laperal Tamayo, in 1968 with the College of Nursing as its pioneer unit.

AMA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Quezon City, Metro Manila, (Philippines)

AMA School of Medicine (AMASOM) is the medical school of AMA Education System (AMAES). It is housed in AMA College Makati, which is strategically located at the heart of Makati City, the Philippines' financial and business capital where the highest concentration of multinational, transnational and local corporations and international organizations and embassies hold their offices. The AMASOM office is at the 8th floor of AMA College Makati, which is located at 5486 South Superhighway, Bangkal, Makati City. AMASOM has several facilities that are used for enhancement of students’ clinical and practical skills including laboratories for Histology, Gross Anatomy, Microbiology, Parasitology, and Pathology. Students perform hands-on dissection of cadavers in Gross Anatomy. These facilities as well as classrooms for Medicine students are situated at the 7th floor of the AMA One Building.

VISAYAS MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Baybay City, Leyte(Philippines)

University of Visayas is located at the island of Leyte in central Philippines, flanked by a high mountain range and the Camotes Sea, VSU is a leading global university in agriculture and allied fields. Its flagship campus in Baybay City is widely considered the most beautiful educational campus in the Philippines. MISSION With its commitment to the ideals of love, leadership and service, and the development of need breed of leaders, who are morally upright and spiritually inspired, the University of the Visayas operates and maintains educational programs which are nationalistic and democratic, and attuned to nationally and internationally accepted standards. While it nurtures academic excellence, it also works for the enhancement of high-level professions and middle level careers relevant to community development and the socioeconomic needs of the country.


On April 21, 1977, Cebu Doctors' College of Medicine (CDCM) incorporation papers were signed and its status as a non-stock, non-profit foundation was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 21, 1977. CDCM formally opened its doors as a medical institution in June of Academic Year 1977-1978. Out of the numerous applicants, only eighty pioneer freshmen were accepted. Since then, its Board of Trustees has pursued a program of expansion which continues to this date enabling CDCM to grow and earn its mark as one of the best medical schools in the country. On November 23, 2004, Cebu Doctors' College of Medicine officially became Cebu Doctors' University College of Medicine, with the acronym CDU-CM, after Cebu Doctors' College was granted University Status by the Commission on Higher Education. VISION Cebu Doctors' University College of Medicine envisions compleat physicians who provide optimum care to the patient, family, and community, and who continue to grow holistically through evidence-based scientific investigations while maintaining moral and ethical standards. MISSION Cebu Doctors' University College of Medicine is committed to produce not only excellent and dedicated health care providers who render preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care, but also educators, social mobilizers, managers, and researchers with the investigative attitude and skills for clinical and applied research. These physicians will be leaders responsive to the dynamic global demands and imbued with compassion, as well as moral and ethical consciousness.

EMILIO MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Emrita City, Manila(Philippines)

Emilio Aguinaldo College has two campuses. Main Campus is in Ermita, Manila and another campus is in Dasmariñas, Cavite. Two Teaching hospitals are established in both campuses. The main campus's teaching hospital is known as Medical Center, Manila.It is one of the best hospital within reach of people of all strata. The sports complex of this college consists of Swimming Pool, Basket Ball Court, Tennis Court, Running Tract, Gymnastics area etc. Dormitory facilities are found only for foreign students within campus. Nice and so secure environment are provided to foreign students with simple cost. At Emilio Aguinaldo College we believe in providing an environment conducive to learning. Our students are provided with modern, air conditioned classrooms, use of a well stocked library, science, computer and speech laboratories. A seven story Sports and Cultural Center that houses, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a gymnasium, a basketball court, a fitness center, an inside running track and a theater are all available for use by students and faculty. STUDENT SERVICES EAC’s Student Services department makes sure campus life is a totally enriching experience. Students can enlist in a number of extra-curricular programs such as the Chorale, Drama Club, various sports (Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, and others), academic and religious organizations, and many more.

BICOL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Legazpi City, Albay (Philippines)

Bicol University (translated in Filipino: Pamantasan ng Bikol and commonly abbreviated as BU) is a regional state and research university in Bicol Region, the Philippines. BU is an ISO 9001:2008 certified public university in the region with Certificate No. TUV 100 05 1782. It is Administered from Legazpi City, BU is a university which is partly subsidized by the Philippine government. Students of the university and its graduates are referred to as “Mga Iskolar ng Bayan” (“Scholars of the Nation”) but they are commonly called as Bueños. Students who wish to study in the university must pass the Bicol University College Entrance Test (BUCET).

MANILA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Caloocan City(Philippines)

Manila Central University, located at the heart of Metro Manila, is a pillar in health science and professional programs in the Philippines. MCU began as a private review class for pharmacy board examination aspirants in 1904 and has since contributed to the overall development of individuals. MCU is committed to do its share in improving the lives of people. It constantly raises its standards and improves its facilities to enable its graduates to meet the challenges and opportunities in the Philippines and around the world. We train students to develop the means to build the future they dream of. The knowledge and ideals that we plant in our students will provide them the skills and confidence they need to achieve. We develop individuals into well-rounded professionals with desirable personal traits through leadership in education, competent instruction, research, and the creation of centers of knowledge for their chosen fields of specialization, thereby enabling them to participate actively in community and national development for the love of country and dedication to public service.


The Fatima College of Medicine is one of the Philippine's most distinguished centres for medical education. Constantly responding to the rapid changes in science,technology and the social environment, Fatima fulfils its commitment to produce competent, world class medical practitioners. It strives to create the best environment for students to master the principles and theories of medicine and obtain sufficient knowledge and experience to launch into a successful practice. It is the first and only Philippine medical school to have an institutional clerkship program with a foreign hospital. In fact, the University has sent over 100 medical students for clerkship training at the Brooklyn Medical Centre and Peninsula Hospital in New York and Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago. Thus, creating career opportunities abroad for young men and women. In its almost more than 40 years of existence, Fatima has graduated more than 30,000 medical and allied medical health practitioners from all disciplines. Proof that makes Fatima a valuable contributor in the development of the medical and paramedical professions in the Philippines and abroad.


Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital and Research Centre School is a non governmental medical college which was established in 2005 in joint collaboration and affiliation from Kathmandu University and the Medical Degree is recognised by the Nepal Medical Council. Educational strategy is based on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and community-Based Learning (CBL). as an integrated part of the curriculum. PBL comprises small group tutorial sessions under the guidance of faculty tutor. Following this, self directed, independent learning takes place. This is supplemented by laboratory experiments and lectures on selected key topics. CBL comprises of teaching/Learning in community with regular residential posting as well as the usual classroom learning. NMCTHRC has been recognised by the Nepal Medical Council

South Kazakhstan Medical UNIVERSITY, (Kazakhstan)

Perpetual Help College of Manila (PHCM) The Perpetual Help College of Manila is the first among the many educational institutions established by the University of Perpetual Help System (UPHS) . The Perpetual Help System was founded by Dr. Jose de Guzman Tamayo and his wife, Dr. Josefina Laperal Tamayo, in 1968 with the College of Nursing as its pioneer unit.

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